Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How can I access the Library’s collection from overseas?
You can only access the library’s catalogue and related books or materials description. We do not have international loan, unless you are living in Laos, as a NUOL students or lecturer.

How long does membership last?
The Library Membership Card only lasts one academic year of study, usually between September and June. However,  membership card is applied in the mid or late academic year of study at NUOL, it will be available shorter. For example, if the membership card application starts in May of the academic year, it will last only two months from May to June. The membership card is to be re-validated for each academic year before use.

Can I buy a book from the NUOL Central Library?
NUOL Central Library usually does not sell books or material which are in the reading rooms of the library. However, we may have particular types of books for sale. Ask a library staff for more information.

How can the NUOL Central Library help with my research?
The library staff will help you access books or information you need as much as possible. Not only providing research guides, book classification, we also help you browse books at particular bookshelves physically and easier.

Why be a member? What does membership allow me to do?
Usually, you are not allowed to use any of the library services. Being a library member allows you to access all services available in the library, such as borrowing books.

How many books can I borrow a time and when do I have to return them?
A NUOL student can borrow up to 4 books a time and he or she has to return the books in a week (7 days/time). While a lecturer or staff of NUOL can borrow up to 7 books a time and the duration of borrowing lasts 2 weeks (14 days). If you want to borrow the same books again you have to renew them at the library counter.

What happens if I return the books later than due date?
You will be fined 1,000 kip a book per day.

What happens if I do not return the books I borrowed?
If you have not returned the books you borrowed in a particular time, you would be contacted by phone or an overdue letter. If you ignore the overdue notification from the library, you are breaking NUOL’ rules and laws, and the maximum penalty for this offence NUOL can stop your from being a NUOL student in that year or has the right not to give you any degrees you deserve to gain.

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