• University Central Library offers users workshops, seminars, academic resources and a periodical collection.
  • Provides to students and faculty the theses of master’s and doctorate’s degrees, as well as outstanding reports of alumni.
  • Acquires financial support resources to purchase and provide books, journals, references, learning-teaching materials, research and community service in the library.
  • Provides printed and non-printed document access, performs book classification, the preparation of worksheets, bibliographical instruction, selected textbooks, and promotes academic unity.
  • Provides computer access to book, journal, textbook and document databases
    Organizes and provides researchers with reading and journal-newspaper rooms for higher education level research.
  • Promotion, advertisement, and orientation for NUOL officials and students on library services such as: information resources, access, computing, and new materials.
  • Consideration and planning to acquire new materials in relation to culture, society, economy, technology, and sciences that facilitate learning and teaching, research and community service.
  • Promote library cooperation with faculties and University centers to provide teachers and students with materials, resources, and references that are valuable for their teaching, and learning
    Cooperation with faculty libraries, the Lao National Library and the STEA library to create an information sharing network.