Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Develop system to enable standardized cataloguing.

  1. Have standard cataloguing records for all items.
  2. Improve or change existing cataloguing records.
  3. Share cataloguing records with other libraries in the consortium.

Goal 2: Develop shared searching union catalogue and union list.

  1. Compile union list.
  2. Catalogue to periodicals.
  3. Have shared searching and access to all items held in the consortium.

Goal 3: Expand interlibrary lending among members.

  1. Develop clear agreements among the members as to lending policies.
  2. Provide fast, cheap and easy interlibrary lending system that can be used among the members of consortium.

Goal 4: Develop  and implement a cooperative acquisition process.

  1. Maintain a  cooperative process for selecting and funding shared purchases.
  2. Purchase the item only once and share the collection as a whole.

Goal 5: Expand e-resource licensing and engage in e-resource collection management.

  1. Negotiate effective licenses to enable legal and full use of e-resources.
  2. Make effective use of e-resources statistics.
  3. Have a consortium collection development policy for purchased and local e-resources.

Goal 6: Provide effective access to e-resources(Portal, etc).

  1. Have cataloguing for e-resources provided from the publisher that could be loaded into the catalogue.
  2. Have sufficient staff and funding to support effective access.
  3. Provide effective training for end-users.

Goal 7: Develop shared searching union catalogue and union list.

  1. Identify training needs.
  2. Have training on how to manage new technology.

Goal 8: Funding.

  1. Register consortium as a charity.
  2. Lobby for funds to undertake various project e.g. library automation and electronic journals subscription.