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Starting from  8:00 -18:00. More Info.


Memberships: Lecturers, officers, students & public. More info.

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Digital Library – IR

Research papers, Theses, Scholarly reports of NUOL. View Now


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Photocopy, Business/Name Card Service

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The Library provides training & workshops on library work & tours at the Library. More info.

The other Library Services

Reading Rooms

Setting in sections, classified in Reference Room, Theses, Social Science, Applied Science, Philosophy, Geography and History, Journal and Newspaper, Economics… View Now

Group Discussion Rooms

with internet access and air conditioner, appropriate for those students and other users who want to have a group discussion and chat.View Now

Digital Library Space

Internet access with silent atmosphere, being appropriate for those researchers, lecturers and students who want more personal space and focus on their work. View Now

Internet Access

With over twenty (20) computers for the library memberships, and Internet Access is expected to use for learning and teaching for NUOL students and lecturers, staff officers, and other library memberships. View Now

Audiovisual Aid

providing English, French & Chinese learning material; documentary and TVs.View Now

International Information Corner

Prints/Documents and information about World Bank InfoSapce, Europen Union, Lao-Thai, Child Rights, Human Trafficking, Gender and Development, ASEAN … View Now